Jeez it’s nice to return to a vintage where we don’t have to use ‘atypical’ as a descriptor for the year! In many ways it was probably the most typical of all of our harvests down here in the Huon. Wet, cold and windy to start, warm in the middle and a gentle easing into harvest. Though perhaps that last bit puts a shiny complexion on the tail-end of the season…

As per usual, flowering wasn’t ideal and the shoots took a bit of a battering in the winds but as we moved into summer the rain ceased and the sun returned after a 24-month absence. 

The season ticked along without much fuss until we approached picking time. After an arid summer, a 60mm rain event came a couple of weeks before harvest and split some of the smaller berries (‘chicks’). This was somewhat stressful but fortunately, they dried up soon after and we were thankful to the Lubianas for lending us a ‘shaker table’ that removes those shriveled berries as they move along it after being destemmed. It's often the 'one-percenters' that elevate the wines to a different level in these years. 

Much like 2018, this release is one we're quietly confident about and hope that you enjoy as much as us!

2022 'Small Wonder' Tamar Valley Chardonnay - $55
Gently whole bunch pressed, 9 months in barrel, 20% new, unfined – finely poised, acid-driven Chardonnay

2022 Clone 76 Chardonnay - $75
Destemmed and soaked on skins for several days prior to pressing and fermenting in amphora and then aged for 3 months in old oak. Aromatic, super-textural, supple tannin

2021 Huldufólk Chardonnay - $110
Whole bunch pressed straight to oak, 15 months in barrel, 50% new, unfined – saline but allied with depth, texture, generosity



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