The Sailor

There was a handwritten sign on the wall at the Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet, our local coffee and cake respite from the Tasmanian weather. It said, “Sailor Seeks Horse” and went on to explain that the author had sailed solo around the world and ridden across the US from coast to coast and back again. On a mule. He’d then decided he wanted to travel around Tasmania by horse but didn’t have one. So, was there anyone who would lend him one? If they didn’t have a horse then a pony would do.

It was an idea that resonated with us. Here we were, trying to do something a little bit crazy, without much money and requiring a little bit of help to get to where we wanted to be.

We loved the use of language and the rhythm of the wording and for some reason it stuck with us. When it came time to naming our vineyard, Sailor Seeks Horse just felt right. For us, it’s about not being pigeon-holed in life, it’s about doing something you really want to do and seizing the moment and just doing it.

So what happened to Bernie Harberts, the sailor who sought a horse? Well, no-one lent him a horse in the end and he ended up buying a $10 bike from the local tip-shop and off he went around Tasmania. That’s the other thing. He didn’t just give up, he got creative and down here in the Huon, where there aren’t too many other vignerons around to help, sometimes you’ve got to get creative.

If you want to know more about Bernie and his Tasmanian adventure, then check out his website –